You've probably seen a smart out and about and thought "I bet that's great for nipping around town".

Yet you might be surprised to learn that the fortwo is more than capable of taking you much, much further.

More powerful engines and an automated manual five-speed gearbox make open road cruising a breeze. And a wider footprint and increased tyre width provides even more grip.

Being smart, there's the awesome fuel economy to consider too. Fill the tiny 33 litre tank on the 61 and 71 bhp engines and the fortwo will take you an impressive 433 miles. That's enough for London to Edinburgh.

Also, lower fuel consumption means reduced emissions, which means a better quality of air for everyone. And your reward? Vehicle tax is just £35 and as of October 2008, you'd be exempt from the London Congestion Charge too.

So now you can really get away from it all, discover the country, and have more money to spend when you get there.